Our story- Injection Mold Making Company for plastic and rubber parts in China

Would you like to be assisted by a reliable and experienced injection mold company that can create customized molds for you, such as plastic molds for domestic appliances, furniture, medical, automotive or sports industries?

In this case it is wise to contact our injection mold manufacturing company with the name Triple-c.

Triple-c is set up by mold engineers and mechanical part designers from Philips, the electronics conglomerate; Our tooling engineers and builders have a lot of experience building high end molds in China. ( and the Netherlands) . Our journey started when the Dutch owner moved to Shanghai and has to source mold factories for his former employee and for new design agencies.

We have a several positive recommendations from our long term customers, in Europe aswell Australia and US.;

Anyways enough said , if you wish a good mold quality contact us on:

Why choose for our mold company in China ?


    • We are a top notch Chinese company with our own tooling factory or mould making facility in Shanghai China. We build high accurate and high quality thermoplastic injection molds exclusively for our overseas customers from the Western world. We can say we have clientele in Houston, New Jersey California US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and more companies.
    • Our company is a good partner and a source for your plastic injection molds, with good references and willing to do an extra step for our customers.

chinese injection mold factory

  • you can compare our quality with other manufacturers, but there are a very few Chinese injection mold manufacturers that could satisfy your own companies’ requirements.
  • Our mold shop is quite new and exist of excellent  equipment, including EDM, 5 axis CNC machining machines etc. Our mold and project designers are fluently at English and mold , so it is easy to communicate with our company  Feel free to let us know if you are sourcing for a plastic injection mold maker in China with additional needs such as packaging, steel parts and printing.
  • We like to be involved early in the part design process, so we can advice in the right plastic part stucture.