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If you wish a quick quote within 48 hours: please include the following information:

Send your inquiry to

If you have a 3D cad file in STP or IGS or Parasolid 3 Cad ( X-t) file format , you will get a faster quotation.Let me know if you want an Export mold for production at your own facility or a Chinese manufacturing mold made for injection in our factory).

Material and finishing.( high mirror polished, matte or a specific structure) and other material requirements.

Batches/Quantities/order size of the parts/components/products per time.
Annual size and product life time in years.

mold maker contact :

Sales and project management Europe;
Address: rijksstraatweg 36 de Meern/ Utrecht.
Netherlands. Telephone: 31306667638.
Factory Shanghai

Ask us for advice on mold and part design

Don’t be afraid to ask about the viability, feasibility and make-ability of your idea if it is in the form of a sketch or 3d prototype. if you don’t have a POC ( proof of concept) we can engineer and build it with the right suitable rapid prototyping process.

Or the feasibility of your part product or components when the 3d cad has been finished. we have the capacity to be your product development department as-well.