FAQ making molds

How doe we start the quoting process and what information do we need to send to Triple-c.

  1. Send us 3D cadfiles in STP or IGS or Parasolid 3 Cad ( X-t)  file format. ( we use Rhino and NX ourselves)
  2. Let us know if wish an Export mold ( for your own production) or a China manufacturing mold  we inject your parts in our factory.
  3. let us know the Material and finishing.( high mirror polished, matte or a specific structure) and other material requirements.
  4. Batches/Quantities/order size of the parts/components/products  per  time.
  5. Annual size quantities and product life time in years. 

How fast can we get a price quotation?

Usually, if we got the correct information, the 3d cad files, the estimated quantities, we can quote within 48 hours.

How do you start the mold making process?

Once we agreed on a price and we received a prepayment amount, we will initiate the mold design process: beginning with studying, analysing your Cad files and assembly files. We will check them with our parts design guides. and rules. after finishing the mold design we will send you the mold Cad file.

Can you do product design or parts design

yes if you have only a sketch, idea or rough Cad we can finalise it, and make the component direct suitable for injection molding.

injection molding part design
injection molding part design

Can we get a quote for shipping the finished molded parts?

Yes, we cooperate with several freight forwarding companies that assist us on sending your assembled or finished goods to your destination address.

Can you do secondary processes aswell?

Sure, we love that, and it is still costs effective in china. We can do logo printing, silk screen printing, general painting, chromating, assembly and packaging. ( eg Blistering)

How long does it take to produce a mold?

Usually to manufacturer a simple mold, with no sliders and of small size, takes around 1 month until 6 weeks. The lead time of Larger molds with sliders can take up to 3 months.

What is the lead time for mold design?

The process of designing injection molds will take a week for simple produtcs .

The time it takes to produce a mold can vary widely depending on factors such as complexity, size, and material.

Can you make only injection molds in china?

Triple-c ltd makes molds for rubber parts and for injection molded TPE/TPO’s aswell. We have made with the help of another factory in Ningbo diecasting molds

What do you need from us to start the injection molding process?

Finished and checked 3d cad (computer aided design ) files in IGS ( IGES) , parasolid file format.

Lifetime of your product, and estimated order quantities, we understand that the orders will be lower in the beginning of your new innovative project.

How much will our mold costs?

This depends on many factors and criteria such as: Part size and complexity, the structure of your parts. We have made simple molds starting with 1500 Usd until 100.000 molds. To know more about these please read our article about china mold cost

What is injection molding?

Injection molding is a manufacturing process where molten material is injected into a mold, which then solidifies into a part.

injection molding machine china
injection molding machine china

What types of materials can you use in injection molding?

A wide variety of materials can be used in injection molding, including thermoplastics, ( general purpose materials), thermosetting plastics, elastomers (OR RUBBER MOLDING)

What are the advantages of injection molding?

The advantages of injection molding include high production efficiency, excellent dimensional accuracy, and the ability to produce complex geometries.

What is the typical cost of an injection mold?

How many parts can be produced from a single mold?

This depends on several factors; mold material and hardness, part material and number of cavities

if you want more to know about this

What is the maximum size of a part that can be produced using injection molding?

The maximum size of a part that can be produced using injection molding is typically limited by the size of the mold and the clamping force of the machine.

How accurate are the dimensions of the parts produced using injection molding?

The dimensional accuracy of parts produced using injection molding is typically very high, with tolerances as tight as +/- 0.005 inches possible.

What is the minimum wall thickness that can be achieved using injection molding?

What is the maximum thickness that can be achieved using injection molding?

What is the difference between thermoplastic and thermosetting materials?

How are molds designed?

What is the lead time for mold design?

What is the typical life span of a mold?

How do you maintain a mold that is not used , or after production of our series?

we will store the mold indoors and before a new run we will inspect the mold carefully

Can you manufacturer overmolding molds?

yes we have experience with 2-components overmolding parts; either hard-hard or soft-hard parts.

What is the difference between a prototype mold and a production mold?

How do you choose the right material for a specific application?

How do you ensure the quality of the parts produced using injection molding?

The quality of parts produced using injection molding is ensured through various methods such as inspection, testing, and process control.

How are parts inspected?

What is the maximum injection pressure that can be used?

What is the maximum clamping force that can be applied?

What is the maximum shot size that can be used?

How are parts ejected from the mold?

What is the cycle time for injection molding?

How do you handle undercuts in the design of the part?

How do you prevent flash or burrs from forming on the parts?

What is insert molding?

How do you design parts for overmolding or insert molding?

What is the difference between a hot runner system and a cold runner system?

What is a family mold?

What is the difference between a two-shot mold and a multi-shot mold?

What is the maximum temperature that can be used in the injection molding process?

What is the maximum cooling time for a part?

How do you handle the shrinkage of the part during the cooling process?

How do you ensure that the part will fit within its assembly?

What is the minimum draft angle required for a part to be ejected from the mold?

How do you handle thin ribs or bosses in the design of the part?

What is the difference between an injection molding machine and a blow molding machine?

How do you handle the recycling of materials used in injection molding?