Injection molding using ABS material

Injection molding using ABS material.


The term ABS basically stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene which is a thermoplastic polymer that is opaque. Thermoplastics are a category of plastics that can be re-done or re-processed after being exposed to high heat.

It is a grade of plastic used in different engineering applications and there are many products around you that are made of ABS.

Plastic molding using ABS is always affordable and has a strong resistance to impact.

Use of ABS in Injection molding

ABS is a tough material that is always a great choice when it comes to injection molding and use in different applications. This material can be used as a resin in injection molding because of its outstanding resistance to stress, scratching. ABS can be used in metal coatings due to the fact that it has strong adherence to metal.

So what are the benefits of using ABS in Injection molding?

  • Inexpensive
  • Paintable
  • Strength of final product
  • Good weight

Parts that are ABS molded are used in different applications and industries like marine, automotive, medical and manufacturing.

Some of the products made using ABS in Injection Molding process include plastic toys, keyboard keys, medical products, automotive part covers, marine products, protective carrying bags, headgears, kitchen appliances, electronic enclosures and musical instruments.

what are the characteristics of ABS injection molded products ?

There are many interesting characteristics of ABS that make it what it is. For instance, it’s shinny surface is as a result of styrene component which is part of nitrile family of components. The reason why this material is strong is because it made of polystyrene. ABS also contains polybutadiene which makes it durable and strong.

This material is not only resistant to chemicals but it also has a good electrical resistance. Despite being a strong and durable material, ABS is light in weight and can be sanded, glued or painted very easily.

The reason why this material makes a great choice for injection is the fact that it has a low melting temperature. It’s also a good option for 3D printing. Compared to polycarbonate, this material is fairly cheap and affordable.

It’s used in a wide variety of applications in different industries because it’s inexpensive, chemical resistant and also a good prototyping option.

When exposed to strong UV for long, it’s very easy for ABS to be affected which makes it good for inside use. Because it can easily melt, this material is not ideal for use in products that are used in high temperatures.


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