molding services


Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing Services

Our company delivers- besides mold making FOR YOUR COMPAY -also mass or small serie manufacturing with a custom made mold build at our plastic injection mold manufacturing factory in china.

Our other services for international companies are;

  • tool design in our company
  • part design, product design : engineering
  • mold flow analysis
  • mold and tool making
    • also for rubber and PU parts
  • production and turn key projects for the plastic industry
  • China import and export of injection molded granulate
  • a specialist service si 2 components injection molding or overmolding:

read more about this service at the benefits of 2K injection molding:

Here, two materials are combined in one mold. For example, materials with multiple different properties or materials in two different colors or hard-soft combinations. The chemical bonding of the 2 components occurs because they merge into one another or because the first component is constructed in such a way that the second component bonds mechanically. Sometimes it is desirable that the two materials do not adhere to each other. As a result, play-free parts can be “mounted” in the mold. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on what is most feasible for you.