Quality Control


Injection Mold Quality Control

QC or Quality control is important in the entire supply chain of your company , so also if we are your mold supplier you demand a perfect quality of your specifications. ( Read: we stick to your given 3d files and 2d files with realistic tolerances)

QC is a process by which our qc department reviews the quality of all factors involved in our production. These factors are;

  • part design
  • mold design
  • our supply chain
    • thermoplastics
    • tool steel
      It is not only our quality that makes is different but also our companies flexibility and credibility;

About our quality process:

Our company/ factory has an ISO9001:2000 certification issued at Shanghai, China. The first step is a part design check, in an early stage before mold design We check your part on design flaws, to avoid mold mistakes, you will get a report.

​Our quality department possesses several equipment to analyse your part’s critical dimensions , besides these standard quality checks, we provide steel measurement inspection, first article inspection and full measurement reports.

That is what you get when working with Triple-c , a mold maker located, with reasonable mold costs,  in the manufacturing hub of China .

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main factors that effect mold quality.

qualiy control measurement equipment in our china companyin company quality control department

read hereunder more on how about to avoid qualty flaws in your parts; ​