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injection mold steel

The type of steel for your plastic mold depends mainly on the injection you would like to make of yoru part or products:


we distinguish 4 types of steel from low cost untill high cost.

  1. The lifespan of this steel is only good for 1000-3000 shots per cavity.


  1.  This steel is used for cavities that can injection 100-250 thousand shots.
  2. German 2083/2316  heaper than S136/    Similar to AISI 420, useed for parts that have a shot life time of  up to 1 million and or Good for corrosive plastics (PVC,POM) Life Span: 1 million injections. 
  3. Life Span: 0.5 to 1 million injections
    mirror finish, good for product that requires high transparency or surface quality.  Similar to AISI P20+Ni, German 2738, Swedish 718 (cheaper).