The benefits of 2K injection molding

Triple-c is also a specialist in 2-component injection molding.

What is 2 components injection molding?

With this technology, two materials are combined in one mold. For example, materials with multiple different properties or materials in two different colors or hard-soft combinations. Think of the current modern white toothbrushes with a soft grip/handle;

The chemical bonding of the 2 components occurs because they merge into one another or because the first component is constructed in such a way that the second component bonds mechanically. Sometimes it is desirable that the two materials do not adhere to each other. As a result, play-free parts can be “mounted” in the mold. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on what is most feasible for you.

2K injection molding saves time and costs

One of the strengths of Triple-c mold maker department is the 2c injection molding (Two Component injection molding). We have a very advanced machine park that takes 2c injection molding to a higher level. With 2K injection molding it is possible to combine two different types of plastic in one injection molding process. This allows us to integrate multiple properties into one product: for example, layered products, combinations of hard and soft plastic or for making different color combinations.

2 components tooth_brush

The benefits of 2K injection molding

The technology two components injection molding makes it possible to produce a completely assembled product so that this part does not need further secondary processing . That means gains in the cycle time, a constant process, a higher degree of efficiency and the avoidance of manual insertion. And because the post-processing or assembly is not longer necessary, you can also save considerably on costs with 2components injection molding.