basics of injection molding

1 basics of injection molding

What is injection molding? what do we mean by injection molding ?

This is a process that involves mass manufacture of parts. in injection molding the same part is produced in mass multiple times and in succession.

Injection molding is advantageous because it becomes easy producing parts in large numbers with same precision and scale. The price paid in manufacture of different parts is low especially after covering its initial costs. As more parts are manufactured the price also decreases drastically.
Compared to traditional manufacturing methods injection molding is cost effective due to low scrap rates. Wastage of material is also minimal because all waste comes from different areas such as gate area, runners, overflow material and sprue.
Sprue is the area where molten plastic moves from the nozzle to a place known as entry point. Different channels that meet with the sprue are known as runners. These runners are normally classified under two main categories.

2 what determines the cost of an injection mold and the injection of your custom made parts?

What factors determine injection molding costs?

There are different factors that affect the total cost of injection molding project as we are going to see in this article. If you are new in the word of injection molding then it is very important to have the facts on your fingertips before you delve into ordering a manufacturing company in China to start manufacturing your molds.

By fully understanding factors that may affect or influence plastic injection molding prices, you will be able to design your final mold with these factors in mind. You do not want to go and discuss the project with your manufacturer before understanding the nitty-gritty about factors that may affect the project and total cost.

3 What kind of plastic materials can we injection mold for you?

There are thousand of injection molding materials available on mainland China and outside China, and our company has the most experience with general purpose and engineering thermo plastics but also with less common used plastics such as wpc and rubber alike plastics/ tpo/tpe’s .

Note: if you wish a specific material, which isn’t available in CHINA , we can import it to our mold factory.