how manufacturers a mold maker an injection mold?

How do we – a Chinese manufacturer, and  a mold maker – make an injection mold?

Step 1 The part analysis

First of all we need to design a mold in 3d cad, so we need information of the part that needs to be molded.

This includes Parts 3d cad file, PART material , and part quantities.

The part or component will be analyzed if it is feasible for production; we use our own standard guidelines.

The to be injection molded part determines the simplicity of the mold:  eg if there are no under cuts the mold will be of the a simple open -close design type, if the product has an external undercut the mold has to have lateral moving elements to demold. These elements are splits, core pullers or sliders .

Step 2 Mold design.

As we mentioned in step 1 the produce or part is the starting point for mold design: Most important is the structure of the mold in general; our engineers will in this step ,determine the parting lines, number of cavities, the gate design, the ejector pins etc..

Step 3: Purchasing mold standard parts.

Depending on your budget we can buy standard branded mold bases just like LKM or cheaper Chinese other injection mold bases. Same story for ejector pins,

We would not recommend to save costs on mold steel.

Step 4: Mold manufacturing

In this fase the real manufacturing starts. Custom forms will be made by CNC machining and EDM.

Each step will be controlled by a QC engineer.

Step 5: Mold assembly.

Custom made parts such as the core and cavity will be fitted in the mold base and standard parts such as bolts pins etc. Now your mold is ready for processing on the  injection mold machine!