injection mold suppliers in china where to find them ?

Where can you find the best injection mold suppliers in China in 2020 ?

China; It’s  a huge country with more than a billion and a halve people and millions of factories; some buyers call it the factory of the world: This means production of  simple products such as paperclips, bins,  more complicated products such as Apple Iphone’s untill complex assembled products such as cars trains and machinery, including a huge chunk of the mold making industry.

Nowadays China surpassed Germany, and the USA in the mold making industry by volume.

The most injection mold suppliers from china can be found in these 4 regions:

  1. Shanghai area for high quality automotive or precions molds
  2. Zhejiang province think of Cixi, Ningbo and  Taizhou ( mostly cheaper mold prices)
  3. Jiangsu
  4. The Pearl river delta area , Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen are located in this area which is close to Hong Kong.

High quality molds can be found in Shanghai and Shenzhen area, we believe the best suppliers can be found in those 2 regions.

For cheaper  injection molds made in china you can consider the Zhejinag area, or more inland China.

If you donnot know where the provinces are click here for the provinces of china.


Triple-c  supervises small and large projects for national and international companies in the EUROPE , USA and China. In close cooperation with our Chinese business partner on site: This includes:

  • mold drawing work
  • manufacture of tooling an dies
  • to test
  • full production from…
    injection molds, dies for silicone parts to injection  molds for TPE or TPO parts.
    tooling for export.
  • sourcing springs metal and all other sourcing parts everything that crosses our path

Our injection mold company assesses each project separately. We look for the most suitable solution for your project.

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OEM mold making company

 The focus of triple-c  is on making injection molds, stamping tools and dies. Kenny HAN, director , started this business more than 20 years ago. Over time, in addition to mold construction advice, an increasingly important role began to play. With cost savings, short lead times and good planning as a starting point.


precision mold maker of eg: parts, cups automotive parts.

Triple-c is an injection mold maker of a wide array of parts used in diverse industries such as:

  • Automotive markets
  • Furniture
  • medical parts
  • Toys
  • precision parts such as gearwheel and so on

injection mold suppliers china