is china still a good place for injection mold services ?

Is China still a good place for injection mold services ?

Import tariffs, Trump, delaying trade talk, Rising yuan..just to name a few key phrases of the cuurent newspaper headlines, since Trunp and xi is starting a trade war this is what we read daily…Now i chian still a goo dpalce to make molds, When you donnot only considering price of the modes: yes it is!



our services are:

  1. rapid prototyping
  2. mold design and making
  3. short run injection molding
  4. high volume mass manufacturing
  5. assembly services, such as ultrasonic welding , painting tampo printing.

rapid prototyping:

The prototype of the product is then built up layer by layer if we use 3d pringing technolgy. Or it is made by CNC maching of s solid sheet
Rapid Prototyping makes it easy to produce a tangible product so that product changes can easily be tested, for example. In addition, it is always a supplement to hold your product instead of just seeing a drawing.

mold design and making

Do you want to develop a mold for your injection molded product in the short term?
Triple-c mold makers can realize your mold within a few weeks! Read below how we translate your product concept into an end product.

Have you ever made a mold ? This is how we do it:

The first step to a good product is a good product drawing. With this the entire process will be succusfull or can fail… But once this bump has been overcome, many of our customers come to the next challenge; have the mold made.

Very important, because with the right mold, products can be further optimized. This must of course be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Step 1: Analysis of the product drawing:

Before we start having the mold made, we start by checking the product drawing. Is the product feasible and what problems do we anticipate? A product drawing that is not fully applicable for injection molding can lead to imperfections in a product during production, such as burning, raid or streaking on your product.

Step 2: Drawing to make the desired mold:

If the product drawing meets the various requirements to which they are exposed, a drawing of the mold will be drawn up. The mold contains the counter-shape of your products and will be injected with liquid plastic during the production process. The liquid plastic will then cool to a form-retaining product, after which it is ejected from the mold and the process is repeated.

Step 3: Optimization of the mold:

All basic components are taken into account in the mold drawing. You can think of the mold cavities, location and geometry of the injection, the part seam of the mold on the product, the cooling channels and other technical components. These are often components that we recommend in consultation with you. This concerns, for example, the type of injection, the possible heating of the injection port, or all the details with which we can produce the product even better.

Step 4: Have the mold made:

When the mold drawing fully meets your and our requirements, the production of the mold will be started. The costs for a mold can often be attributed to: