About Triple-c : mold maker making plastics

Triple-c is an expert in mold making for thermoplastics, rubber and silicone parts.

We  supplies molds and projects in collaboration with various preselected  suppliers in China . With nearly 30 years of experience and know-how in the national and international injection mold industry, our mold company can offer suitable solutions for you.

  • We can also carry out design engineering, rapid prototyping, pad printing, packing, sourcing, assembly, mold maintenance, repairs, modifications and cleaning of your mold in our own workshop.

    so in a nutshell these are our services;

    such as mold design, mold flow analysis, create and  manufacturering of export molds. ( molds for your factory)

    injection mold design services

    injection mold services


    Product development or part or product design services


    • CNC machining 3d printing
    • PU casting / silicone mold making for short run volumes.



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