injection molding rubber in china

injection Molding rubber 

Injection moulding is a technique used for the production of parts from thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials and silicone materials. These materials are fed into a heated tube, mixed and then forced into a mold cavity where it is allowed to cool down and harden following the contours of the mould.

Once a product is designed, the molds are going to be made by a toolmaker or a mold maker. The materials used for the molds include steel and aluminium. There are also precision made molds used for medical injection moulding which could create body parts and medical tools and equipment.
Rubber injection moulding is also used to create rubber parts which are commonly used in mechanical parts and machines. The machines used to create these products are usually found in a press shop or in industries which manufacture rubber parts.

The difference between rubber injection moulding and other injection moulding processes is the use of the different materials.

LSR – liquid silicone rubber molding

Here, silicon rubber is used for liquid injection moulding. The silicon fluid remains in an inert state until it is mixed with agents which would activate it when it is finally heated or vulcanized.
There are numerous medical parts and equipment which need precision created rubber injection moulding products. There are also a lot of auto parts which make use of this technique to guarantee that the vehicles manufactured are up to the standards which they have been designed to be. Only with the injection moulding process can the vehicle parts be clones of one another. This makes it easier for the maintenance of the vehicles which may need to have replacement parts.

The rubber injection molding is also the process used to create the replacement parts of many mechanical tools and equipment used everyday like kitchen gadgets and carpentry tools. This is the only way that will guarantee the tools and equipment can be used for years and years.