injection molding of general purpose materials or high temperature plastics

general purpose materials or high temperature plastics .

General purposes materials are plastics for products that donnot require specific demands such as resistance against high or low temperature, chemical resistance, that have a exceptional wear and tear characteristics.

Think of ABS , PS or PP. usually these materials are used in low cost injection molding for example of toys ( of course lead free) , disposable cutlery .

Usually the maximum usage temperature is 90 degrees Celsius.

Standard or general pupose plastics are found above all in packaging, disposable tableware, carrier bags, toys, packaging of cosmetics and simple domestic appliances. They are priced low and easy injection mold .

They are the typical mass produced by every plastic granulate manufacturer ( BASF, Exxon, Chimei). Typical properties are stored in the databases of the manufacturers. There is a wide assortment of a variety of manufacturers.

Also this group of plastics can be split up in 2 sub groups:

  • Group one the Poly-olefins: these are plastics like PS (polystyrene) PE , and PP (Poly-Propylene).
    • these poly-olefins are based on only carbon and hydrogen.


  • plastic that are combined: ABS (Acrylonitriel-Butadiene-Styrene), ASA (Acrylonitriel-Styreen-Acrylaat), PMMA (Poly-Methyleen-Methyl-Acrylaat) SAN (Styrene-Acrylo-Nitrile)

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