In our 2 factories located on Mainland China we manufacturer and make custom made injection mold projects .

One factory is located near Shanghai and the other in the Pearl river Delta.


Our main aim is to have a 100% on time deliver rate: and with a high standard in tool making for injection molded parts with a competitive price and fair price for international companies.

Shanghai factory:

is a fully technology factory and equipped with the newest CNC machinery EDM, Milling centers and wire -cutting machine. The tool shop has Special machinery to make sophisticated moulds. Here in house mold design and mold making is our daily business. . It ’s an excellent manufacturer for electronic’s encasings , gearwheels and precision components with tight tolerances.

5 Chinese mold vertical presses are ready to make small, large series for you
also they are an excellent tool-shop to create molds for export and these will be used in your own factory. Communication in the latter is essential and we need to align your injection mold machine specification with our tool or mould specs.

cnc machining

We work with all kinds of thermoplastics such as common used ABS, High impact PS, ABS/PC, glasfilled compounds, and now even WPC ( wood composite blends ).

We also have the ability to import foreign thermoplastics if necessary.

You are always welcome to visit this facility near Jiading town ,, North of Shanghai..

Injection mold manufacturing projects meeting in our factory

Yuyao Ningbo injection mold makers . injection mold makers .

Yuyao city has hundreds of mold facilities ; and we have chosen one with the best quality/price ratio.

Here we produce usually molds and parts for large quantities in PE, PS, ABS , POM, PA HPDE for furniture parts, electronic encases, domestic appliances.

Moreover, here large molds are build for dustbins, cans , boxes buckets, sledges and other bigger toys. On several powerful injection molding machines we manufacture technical thermoplastic parts for many demanding industries (up to a weight of 5000 grams). .

Cheap and fast, but striving for top notch quality is the credo here.
As said before you are always welcome to visit one of our factories or mold making companies.We are open a co-operation with all kinds of companies, small large or a one person owned firm, you can always visit one of our mold making companies.

​We try to quote within a 48 hours depending on our workload.

The best way for a quick quote and order is the give is your target price, but this must be realistic. Don not forget that injection molding tools are an expensive investment as they require steel and many hours of labors, usually small mold price starts at 1500 USD per mold ( 1 cavity p20 steel).